For your money, ask the best that confectionery offers

Ice cream is a delicacy that is very popular and should not be missed at any celebration. Our company Adria Gold offers 50 kinds of ice creams. We have been operating on the Czech market since 1992 and our customers are pleased with us. We care about the quality of raw materials from which we produce our products. We do not settle for mediarity, we require the highest quality.
Get tempted by the sweet temptation
You can also be healthy. You should try ice cream made from berries of ACAÍ Berry imported directly from the Brazilian forest. These berries have miraczous qualities especially on human health and also a very refreshing and original flavor. Ice cream has a vital place in our lives.
Ice-Cream Accessories
Therefore, to make the ice cream menu perfect, we offer a wide variety of sundry accessories, with which you simply use little miracles. Toppings, spillage of hazelnut or chocolate, fruit, umbrellas, cups, spoons, flashcards and many other small things that will make your ice cream a top.