Do you know the importance of feedback

Whoever works in the management of the company or company, certainly knows the notion of feedback, but also with him every working day works. Only the person who has certain assumptions that he or she has been summoned to will be able to work at the lead position. But he must also undergo adequate studies to perform his duties correctly and for the benefit of all. Even myself. Therefore, this notion is not unknown to him. He knows the meaning of the term. He knows that if employees do not know about their mistakes, they will not even perform their job properly. And, of course, this is true.
It also becomes an effective motivation
If the company is well managed, all the principles of good communication are respected and the employees know what they do well and what is wrong, then the aforementioned term is also an effective motivation for all employees to elevate their performances. And you do not need to make a company prosperous, no major projects. Concentrate only on communication and clear rules for everyone. However, the rules that are adhered to, all of which govern and are accepted by all employees.